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Easy Reading With Yandex Browser for Android

12 November 2016, 11:49

Once upon a time, we only used our mobile phones for calls and text messages. Now, of course, it’s a whole different world. We use our cellphones for social networking, catching Pokemon, listening to music and reading. The latest news reports, useful tech info and favourite bloggers’ posts are all literally right at our fingertips – we can read them on our mobile devices no matter where we are in the world. And here at Yandex, we believe a mobile browser should do everything it can to help users get the best reading experience possible.

If a site’s type size makes the text hard to read, you can change it in the next version of Yandex Browser for Android, which we are releasing by the end of November.

If the type size is okay but you sometimes have to zoom in using hand gestures, the Autofit Text option will reflow the text so that you don’t have to drag left and right across the screen to read the parts that are hidden off-screen if the text isn’t reflowed.

Some mobile versions of web sites don’t let you zoom in and out by hand. Sometimes this is to preserve the look of the page layout – but if your screen is small, you won't be able to take a closer look. With Yandex Browser you can overcome this by selecting “Ignore site requests to forbid font zoom”.

And what if a site lacks a light-weight mobile version? In this case, Yandex Browser comes to the rescue with a special reading mode that strips a page of anything superfluous and autofits the text to the screen. Just tap the button in the address bar (or in the menu).

But that’s not all. Yandex Browser’s built-in translator helps you make sense of texts in foreign languages. And for reading pages without internet access, the save page function comes in handy. Both these functions can be found in the browser's menu.

I have installed yandex browser on my android phone and trying to open my website Answer Key but it is not showing the content correctly do i need to put some addons or something else ...?
Updated on 19 August 2017, 15:04
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