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Yandex Browser – First Browser that Protects Users from DNS Spoofing

21 April 2016, 12:10

Yandex kits out its browser with built-in domain name system protection technology to safeguard all users of Yandex Browser against DNS spoofing. This is the first time a browser comes with a DNS security technology on board.

Yandex Browser’s newly added line of defence, DNSCrypt, is a protocol that authenticates communications between a browser requesting a DNS address of a website and a DNS server offering this address. Provided by renowned DNS security expert, OpenDNS, this protocol will now be doing its job right through the browser, without user's having to purchase, download or activate a separate security product.

DNS spoofing, when your requested website is replaced with a fraudulent website somewhere server-side, or router hijacking, when your router's DNS is changed by malware, according to the industry experts, affect millions of modems and routers worldwide.

Now, instead of going to an unknown DNS resolver, all your requests made through Yandex Browser will go straight to a secure and fast DNS server owned by Yandex. In addition to using a verified DNS resolver, the DNSCrypt protocol encrypts communications between the browser and the server making them impossible to intercept.

Yandex Browser with DNSCrypt is available for Windows and OS X. To start protecting your computer with the DNSCrypt protocol through Yandex Browser is simple and easy. All you have to do is update your current version of Yandex Browser to the latest one and enable DNSCrypt in settings.

The option to choose a DNS resolver to communicate with your Yandex Browser will become available in the near future.