Frequently asked questions about Yandex Browser

New browser features

Power saving mode

Blocking mining scripts

Automatic video popup

Extensions and plugins

Yandex Browser disables an extension

Adobe Flash Player is blocked

NPAPI and Unity not supported


Supported formats

Video or music doesn't play

Sound isn't working


Tableau doesn’t sync

Widgets are missing

Browser background doesn't change

How can I choose my own browser background?

Installation and updates

Latest version of the browser

Error updating browser

How do I turn off background refreshes?

How can I turn off auto updates?


Problems with certificates

Security of browser settings

Checking downloaded files for viruses

Memory and performance

Browser is slow

Yandex Browser launches a lot of processes

How much memory does the browser use?

Problems with sites

Site doesn't open

Pages don't display correctly

Images are not displayed


Proxy server error

Browser start page

Customize Zen feed