Popular scenarios

We analyzed user behavior and collected the most popular scenarios of working with Yandex Browser. Choose what you're doing:

I'm moving from another browser
To transfer data from other browsers to Yandex Browser and customize it:
  1. Install the browser.
  2. If you want links to open in Yandex Browser, set it as your default browser.
  3. Import data from another browser. Import bookmarks and passwords from files.
  4. Synchronize the browser so that history, bookmarks, and other data are available on all your devices.
  5. Configure the browser interface, default search, access to bookmarks, and other settings.
  6. Install extensions to enhance the browser's functionality.
I'm reinstalling Yandex Browser

To avoid losing data when reinstalling Yandex Browser:

  1. Check what data the browser automatically saves when reinstalling.
  2. Synchronize your data (including bookmarks and passwords) with the Yandex server to be able to restore them if something happens to your computer.
  3. Reinstall the browser while saving your profile data.
  4. If you want links to open in Yandex Browser, set it as your default browser.
  5. Synchronize the reinstalled browser to continue exchanging data with the server.
  6. Configure your browser according to your tastes and needs.

If you are reinstalling Yandex Browser with the OS or want to transfer data to Yandex Browser on another computer:

  1. Create a profile backup.
  2. Install the browser.
  3. Replace the personal profile folder with the backup.
Note. If you need only data that is synchronized in the reinstalled browser, simply install the browser and then enable syncing.
I'm setting up Yandex Browser
  1. Choose an image or video as a background.
  2. Choose a theme and tabs' style and location.
  3. Change the interface language, if necessary.
  4. Select what should be opened as the browser's start page.
  5. Add your favorite websites to the Tableau.
  6. If necessary, add the bookmarks bar.
  7. Forbid websites to send you notifications if you don't want to receive them.
  8. If you don't want to reveal your location, block all sites from accessing it.
  9. Create your personal profile.
  10. Set up a master password to protect your passwords.
I'm reading and downloading
  1. Enable the Reader mode to leave on the page nothing but text and images.
  2. Translate pages and single words.
  3. Open e-books and PDF files, edit office files in the browser.
  4. Save bookmarks for the pages you want to visit again.
  5. Print pages.
  6. Download files in the selected folder.
I care about privacy
  1. Always use Incognito mode when you visit suspicious sites.
  2. Find out what data the browser sends to the server while running, and how to disable the transfer of specific data.
  3. Turn on Do Not Track.
  4. Do not allow sites to detect your location.
  5. Do not allow sites to access your microphone.
  6. Do not allow sites to access your web camera.
  7. If you don't want to store your personal data in the browser, disable Autofill.
I care about security
  1. Create a master password to protect your passwords.
  2. Synchronize your passwords for the master password to work on all your devices.
  3. Pay attention to the certificate icons.
  4. Make payments only in safe mode.
  5. Do not install suspicious extensions.
  6. Do not download dangerous files.
  7. Do not open infected sites.
  8. Do not trust scammers.
  9. Be careful with the mobile subscriptions.