Voice control

How to chat with Alice

Restriction. You can only use voice activation for Alice in Yandex Browser for Windows.

To ask Alice about something:

  1. Unlock your computer screen, if it is blocked.
  2. Launch the Assistant using one of these methods:
    • Say “Alice” or “Yandex”.
    • Click the icon on the side panel.

    Wait for the activation sound. When Alice is ready to chat, the icon starts pulsating in the program window.

  3. Ask Alice a question or tell her to do something.
    Tip. If you just want to talk to Alice, say “Let's chat”. Alice can converse with you on various topics, tell an anecdote, or make a joke. She can improvize thanks to a neural network trained on a huge array of internet-based texts. In conversation mode, Alice will not follow your commands or search for information. To exit conversation mode, say “Enough”, “Stop”, “Go back” or “Exit”.

To end your conversation with Alice, click anywhere on the screen outside of the dialog box.

Your conversation with Alice is stored until the computer is restarted next time. To delete it forcibly, activate Alice and click  → Clear history in the upper right corner.


Alice can read text on web pages out loud for you. You can do anything you like while listening to Alice read aloud.

Restriction. Alice can read whole text out loud only on pages where Reader mode is available.

Click in the SmartBox or say “Alice, read the page”.

To pause Text-to-speech:

  1. Click on the side panel.
  2. In the control panel that appears, click .

Examples of requests and commands

  • What's the weather like today?
  • Tell me the football news.
  • Find a cafe nearby.
  • Order a taxi to Manezhnaya Square.
  • Where can I buy a cheap dishwashing machine?
  • Open the Public Services website.
  • Turn on the “Rock” radio station.
  • Open a recipe for risotto with porcini mushrooms.
  • I want to listen to The Beatles.
  • Let's chat.

For more examples of commands, see voice commands reference. All Alice skills created by Yandex and users are listed in Yandex.Dialogues.

Training Alice

Alice is a self-learning AI program that searches for relevant answers to a variety of questions. You can help Alice by rating her responses using the and icons:

  • If Alice does not understand the words you say, try pronouncing them loudly and clearly. If this doesn't help, tap and select My speech was not recognized.
  • If Alice does not respond to the question you asked, tap and select The answer doesn't match my question.
  • If Alice doesn't pronounce words correctly, tap and select Text pronounced incorrectly.
  • Sometimes Alice's incorrect answer might be offensive. If you encounter this issue, tap and selectThe answer is insulting or offensive.

If you tapped by mistake, tap No, everything's fine.