Syncing Yandex Browser between devices

Restriction. You can't sync between different browsers, like Yandex Browser and Google Chrome.

Syncing involves data exchange between Yandex Browsers on your devices. Data is stored temporarily on the Yandex server and passed over a secure channel. Passwords are passed in encrypted format. The data on the server is protected by the authorization system. Syncing allows you to access data from all your devices and restore data if your device is lost or broken.

  1. Why do I need syncing?
  2. How do I enable syncing?
  3. Changing the list of data to sync
  4. Delete synced data
  5. Disable syncing

Why do I need syncing?

Attention. Do not enable syncing on other people's or public devices, it's safer to use Incognito mode on them.

By default, syncing applies to tabs, bookmarks, passwords, history, extensions, plugins, and AutoFill data.

Use syncing to:

  • Use the password manager on your synced devices (automatic entry of passwords, encrypted password vault, and recovery of website access if you forget your master password).
  • View open tabs and bookmarks on your synced devices.
  • Recover passwords, bookmarks, tabs, and Yandex Browser settings, even if something goes wrong with your device.

You can turn off syncing or adjust the list of data to sync at any time when using the browser.

Use the widget at the top of the menu to access sync settings quickly:  → Set up sync. To turn it on:

  1. Click   → Settings → Interface.
  2. Under General settings, select Show sync widget in the menu.

If the widget is disabled, click   → Settings → Sync settings to go to the sync settings.

How often is data synced?

After you enable syncing, data will be synced each time you change data that is stored on the server. For example, when you add a bookmark on your device, Yandex Browser sends it to the server and simultaneously downloads all the changes that you've made on your other devices since the last sync.

How do I enable syncing?

Attention. If your Yandex Browser has multiple profiles, make sure you are in your own profile before syncing. Otherwise, you might mix your data and settings with the data from someone else's profile that is currently active.

In order for syncing to work you have to:

  • Have Yandex Browser installed on all the devices (computer, smartphone, and tablet).
  • Use the same Yandex ID on all your devices.

To enable syncing:

  1. Click   → Syncing → Save data.
  2. Log in with your Yandex ID. Syncing will start.
  3. Click   → Customize sync.
  4. Select the data you want to sync.
Note. The first time you turn on device syncing, it may take from several minutes to half an hour. The data is downloaded gradually to avoid slowing down Yandex Browser.

Changing the list of data to sync

  1. Click   → Settings → Sync settings.
  2. Turn on options that allow you to sync only the data you need.
Note. The cache doesn’t sync Bank card syncing is available if the master password is enabled.

Delete synced data

Attention. After the data has been deleted from the server, no one can recover it. Do not delete your synced data if you just want to stop syncing a computer you no longer use. In this case, disable syncing for the computer, and then delete your profile with all the data.

To delete data from all your synced devices:

  1. Click   → Settings → Sync settings.
  2. Click Delete synchronized data.
  3. In the Would you like to delete this information? window, confirm the action by clicking Yes, delete.

After that, your data will be deleted from the server. During the next synchronization, it will also be deleted from all synced devices linked to your account.

Disable syncing

  1. Click   → Settings → Sync settings.
  2. Click Disable syncing.
Note. Please note that this only interrupts the connection to the server, but previously downloaded data remains in Yandex Browser. If you don't need it on this computer, delete it manually. You can also delete synced data on all your devices.