Questions about browser settings

Where are the settings?

To open your settings, click  → Settings.

Browser start page

Instead of the start page, Yandex Browser opens either your Tableau (with your most frequently visited pages), or the tabs that were left open during your last session. To select your preferred option:

  1. Click  → Settings.
  2. Click Interface.
  3. In the Tabs section, turn off the option Open previously open tabs upon browser start.

In this section, you can also set Yandex as your homepage. To do this, select the Open if home page is empty option.

What happens when browser settings are reset?

Resetting your browser settings means that the original settings will be restored:

To clear your browser settings:

  1. Click  → Settings.
  2. Click System.
  3. Click Reset all settings.
  4. Click Reset.