This section contains answers to questions that users frequently submit to Yandex Browser tech support, as well as solutions to the most common problems.

Solving problems

Site doesn't open

Proxy server error

Downloads panel, suggestions or popup windows don't display

Connection Failure error

Page content displays incorrectly

Browser is slow

Yandex Browser launches a lot of processes

Browser uses too much memory

Browser freezes or pages won't open

Images are not displayed

Images don't display correctly

Questions about security

How is Yandex Browser protected?

What type of virus protection does Yandex Browser offer?

How can I turn on the family content filter?

How do I disable JavaScript support?

Questions about settings

Where are the settings?

Browser start page

What happens when browser settings are reset?

Security of browser settings

Questions about the Antishock extension

Why does Yandex block “bad” ads?

What types of ads are considered harmful or shocking by Antishock?

How does Antishock differ from other ad-blocking extensions?

Antishock has mistakenly blocked ads on my site. What should I do?

Antishock allowed a shocking banner to display on a webpage. How can I prevent it from displaying in my browser?

My site's content is not appealing to advertisers. "White" ad networks don't want to work with me and "gray" and "black" ones are blocked by Antishock. What networks can I use?

I got rid of my ad network's shocking banners, but the network still blocked. What should I do?

My ad network is “white”, but the moderators sometimes allow shocking banners. Will my network be blocked?

My ad network is gray; both shocking and regular banners are served on sites. What should I do to prevent my network from being blocked?

Can Antishock block a major ad network such as Yandex.Direct?

FAQ about Yandex Browser for Windows 10

How do I set the default browser?

How do I pin the browser to the taskbar?

How do I pin the browser to the first screen in the Start menu?