Frequently asked questions about privacy of personal data

Personal data is any data that identifies you. This could be your name, address, email, voice, face, websites you have visited, or location data. To keep your personal data private, you should open questionable websites in Incognito mode. It's not secure enough to delete your browser data after you visit a site because a hacker might steal your data while you are on the site. In addition, by deleting browser data you risk losing information that you need, such as saved passwords.

Data collected by sites

Prevent sites from collecting information

Data collected by browser

Full list of situations in which data is sent to a server

Incognito mode

Turn Incognito mode on and off


Where is the browser cache stored?

Clear the cache


What is a cookie?

Disable saving cookies

Enable saving cookies

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What happens when forms are autofilled for me?

Turn off form autofill

Delete autofill data


Allow a site to detect your location

Prohibit all sites from detecting your location