The SmartBox is designed to help you search for information. By default, the Yandex search engine is used to search for answers to your query. You can change your search engine if you want to. You can't disable or remove the SmartBox.

  1. Find an answer or go to a website
  2. Search sites with OpenSearch
  3. Change the search engine
  4. Copy or share the page URL
  5. What do I do if a webpage doesn't open?

Find an answer or go to a website

  1. Enter a search query, address, or name of a website in the SmartBox.
  2. Press Enter.

Search sites with OpenSearch

You can use the SmartBox to search on websites that support OpenSearch (like wikipedia.org):

  1. Enter the site's name or address in the SmartBox. If the site supports OpenSearch, you will see Press Tab to search [site name] appear on the right.
  2. Press the Tab key (you will see the site name appear on an icon in the left part of the SmartBox).
  3. Enter a search query.
  4. Press Enter.

To exit OpenSearch, click on the right side of the SmartBox.

How can I copy a URL when searching on OpenSearch sites?

When you search on a site that supports OpenSearch, the SmartBox displays your search query instead of the address of the open page. To view the page address:

  1. Right-click on the SmartBox.
  2. Select a command from the Copy URL or Show page address context menu.

Change the search engine

Attention. Your search engine will change in the SmartBox, on the Tableau, and in the context menu.
  1. Right-click on the SmartBox.
  2. In the context menu, select Edit default search engine.
  3. In the Search engines window, position the cursor on the search engine you want and click Make default.

    If the search engine you want is not in the list, enter it manually:

    • Fill out the fields at the end of the list:
      • Add a new search engine: enter the name of a search engine (such as bing)
      • Keyword: enter the search engine address (such as bing.com)
      • A link with %s in place of query (for example, http://bing.com/?q=%s).
    • Press Enter.
    • Then position your cursor on the search engine you entered and click Make default.
  4. Click Done.

Copy or share the page URL

When you hold your cursor in the SmartBox, the Copy and Share buttons appear:

  • To copy a URL to your clipboard, click the Copy button.
  • To share a link with your friends, click the Share button and choose a social network or email address.
Disable the Copy and Share buttons
  1. Click  → Settings.
  2. Go to the Appearance section.
  3. Turn off the Show “Copy” and “Share” buttons in SmartBox option.

What do I do if a webpage doesn't open?

If the browser can't open the page you entered in the SmartBox, it will offer several possible solutions:

  • If you entered the page address incorrectly, the browser will give you several links to existing pages with similar addresses, or suggest searching for it in Yandex.
  • If the page was recently deleted, you can view a copy that Yandex cached.
  • If there were problems on the server side, you can view a cached copy of the page or search for it on Yandex.
How do I open a cached website?

To see a link to a cached website, click on the arrow next to the site address.