Protect: block ads manually

You can disable an inappropriate ad manually and report it.

  1. Report an ad
  2. Hide annoying ads

Report an ad

You can also complain about ads that are distracting or annoying:
  1. Right-click on the ad block that is annoying you.
  2. Select Complain about ad in the context menu.

Every time you hide an ad, Yandex receives the following:

  • The page with the advertising that bothered you.
  • Which ad blocks you indicated on this page.

The more data of this type that Yandex Browser receives, the quicker it learns to distinguish bad ads from good ones and begins to show users ads that do not annoy them.

Hide annoying ads

  1. Go to the site that has intrusive advertising.
  2. Click  → Block annoying ads. You will see a message about hidden advertising at the top of the page, with the page shown under it.
  3. You can specify exactly which ad is bothering you – click it and the ad block turns black.
  4. Click Hide selected ads.