Use Yandex Notes to save ideas, links, to-do lists, and any other important information in one place.

  1. Using Yandex.Notes
  2. Note settings

Using Yandex.Notes

To access Yandex Notes, click  on the side panel.

Note. If you can't see the icon, enable the side panel.
  • To create a note, click New note in the upper-left corner of the screen. When writing a note, use the following icons:
    • , , , : to select text.
    • : to create a bulleted list.
    • : to add a photo or GIF to your note.
  • To pin a note, click  in the upper-right corner. Your note will be pinned to the top of the list.
  • To delete a note, click  in the upper-right corner and confirm the deletion.

Note settings

Pin notes on top of other windows
  1. Click   → Settings → Interface.
  2. Under Yandex Notes, select Keep Yandex Notes always on top.

Save selected text to a note
  1. Click   → Settings → Tools.
  2. In the Context menu section, enable the Show Search and Copy buttons when text is selected and the Display the "Add to notes" button options.

To save text to a note, select it on the site and click Add to notes in the context menu. If there are links in the text, they're also saved. But you can't save images this way.

Remove the icon from the side panel
  1. Right-click on the side panel.
  2. Deselect Notes.