Password theft prevention

Keeps online criminals from getting your passwords

The threat

Cybercriminals often create fake websites that are hard to tell apart from real ones. You might think that you’re entering your password on an online banking website, when in reality you’re just giving it directly to a criminal.

Besides this, many people use the same password on multiple sites. This is a serious security risk. If hackers learn your password from an online shopping site, and you use the same password for online banking, they could gain access to all the money on your account.

How it works

Protect keeps track of your passwords by saving their imprints (hashes). It then compares them to other passwords that you enter in the browser. If any passwords coincide, it will show you a warning before sending the password to the site.

How to turn it off

If you do not want your browser to protect your passwords, press on the icon in the address bar and disable password protection in the window that opens.

Other Protect features

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