Protection from unwanted mobile subscriptions

Keeps you from subscribing to unwanted mobile services

The threat

Subscribing to a paid mobile service can be deceptively simple. Sometimes, all it takes is a single button-press on a website. Pages with paid subscriptions usually offer things that people commonly search for online: movies, music, and weather forecasts. It’s easy to press a button marked “Watch,” “Listen,” or “Download,” and not notice the recurring charges that the service provider buried in the fine print.

How it works

If you use Yandex Browser to open a page with mobile subscriptions, you will immediately see a warning.

If a paid subscription to Jokes of the Day or something similar is not what you were planning on, just press “Leave this page.” If you did mean to subscribe, press “Proceed to payment.”

How to turn it off

If you do not want Protect to warn you about pages with paid subscriptions, go to the browser Settings and scroll down to the Privacy block. Uncheck “Enable protection from malicious sites and programs” and restart the browser.
Please note that Protect will also stop scanning sites and files for viruses.

Other Protect features

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